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Sinks Canyon State Park

Located in Wyoming

Sinks Canyon State Park

Sinks Canyon is a rugged canyon at the base of the southern Wind River Mountains in Wyoming. Located on the eastern slope of the mountains, the canyon is named for a unique geologic formation, “The Sinks,” where the river vanishes underground near the mouth of the canyon.

Sinks Canyon is part of a magnificent ecosystem that stretches from the sagebrush and juniper covered foothills, through conifer forests, aspen meadows, to alpine habitat at timberland. An amazing diversity of birds and wildlife can be seen in this area, as well as world class geology, and a dazzling variety of wildflowers and other plants.

As the first plan for Sinks Canyon State Park said: “Within the canyon walls are found unspoiled symbols of the best of Wyoming. The mountains, the river, fish and wildlife; sage, wildflowers aspen and pine trees, a rugged country of tranquil quiet under blue skies.”

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