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  • Do you have a minimum rental?
    Units have a 3 night minimum rental, and cash, cashier's check, Venmo, or PayPal is due prior to departure. We charge on a per night basis. For local Casper, WY guests -- and subject to an "as available basis" -- the rented unit may be available to be picked up the evening prior to rental date between 6:00-8:00 pm, as a courtesy to guests for loading purposes. Return time is 1:00 pm on final day.
  • When do I pay for my rental?
    ALL rental fees will be paid in cash, cashier's check, Venmo or PayPal in full on the day of your departure. No exceptions. If guests choose to use Venmo or PayPal, then a fee of 2% will be added to their total. (For other pertinent information regarding costs, please see FAQ's below: each question is a link) "What is your reservation policy?" "Do you require a damage deposit?" "Do I get insurance on my own?" "Is there a charge for propane?" "What is your mileage policy?"
  • What is your mileage policy?
    Both motorhomes come with 100 free miles with every night rented. MSRV Rentals requires a rough itinerary prior to trip, to assess mileage overage in advance. Additional miles over the 100 daily free miles, are charged at a rate of $.34 per mile. If mileage is anticipated to be in excess of the free miles, this charge will be prepaid prior to departure. Exact mileage is calculated at trip's end and guest will be reimbursed any fees not due MSRV Rentals. Any mileage not pre-paid will be deducted from damage deposit. **Trailers have no mileage limitations.
  • Do you require a damage deposit?
    Yes. There's a $600 damage deposit required on the units. The prepaid $200 reservation deposit will be applied toward the $600 damage deposit, therefore an additional $400 will be collected at the time of departure. In addition, a non-refundable pet deposit of $50 will be paid in advance for any guests bringing an animal(s). **New in 2024, we can now accept Venmo (@msrvrentals) and PayPal. Expect a 2% fee added to total amount, for processing.
  • What is your reservation policy?
    To reserve your unit, we require a $200 reservation deposit. Unit is not reserved until funds are received. If cancellation becomes necessary, your reservation deposit will be fully refunded if cancellation occurs at least 60 days prior to departure. If less than 60 days' notice is given, then the entire $200 reservation deposit will be retained. Our units are very popular and it's likely that we have turned down other guests that wanted your vacation dates, too.
  • What about pets?
    We recognize that your pet is an important member of your family, so our rentals are pet friendly. A non-refundable pet deposit of $50 will be charged and is payable at time of rental. We ask that all pets remain off of the furniture and there is no trace of pet hair or odor upon rental return, or guests could incur an additional cleaning expense of $50 per hour.
  • What is your towing policy?
    We have a strict "no towing" policy with any of the units.
  • Are your units equipped with generators?
    Yes. The Freedom, Dreamer, and Mountaineer have on board generators. Each RV has included in your rental fee 2 hours of free generator usage per day. A fee of $10 per hour is charged if usage exceeds this. Generator hours are recorded when RV leaves and returns. The 17' Outlander trailer does not have a generator; however, there is one available to rent for $15 per day. The 25' Mountaineer trailer has a propane generator, so a propane fee of $30 per rental will be charged.
  • What are your pick up and drop off procedures?
    When picking up the rental unit, you can expect the following: * The gas tank will be full. * The freshwater tank will be full. * The gray and black tanks will be empty. * Designated beds will be made up. (Guests are responsible to bring sleeping bags or bedding for dinettes or couches.) * Allow for up to an hour for system instructions and questions prior to departure. * Rental unit will be picked up at 216 E. 9th St., Casper, WY, or at 424 S. Oak St., Casper, WY. (Owners will instruct guests regarding pick up prior to rental date.) * Walk around photo shoot will be done with you to document any existing damage to the unit. * RV pick up can be as early at 8am on rental day, or by mutual agreement of guests and MSRV Rentals. (If possible, we offer a courtesy to Casper residents to pick the unit up the evening prior to rental for packing purposes.) When dropping off the rental unit, you can expect to: * Return the unit will a full gas tank. (Note: If rental unit's tank is not topped off, then renter will be assessed double the market rate to fill gas tank. Receipt will be shown for verification.) * Rental unit must be returned in the same condition and cleanliness that it was received. A $50/hr cleaning fee may be assessed if this is not done. * Post rental walk around will be done with renter. (Mountain States RV Rentals has 10 business days to return damage deposit.) * Rental unit must be returned by 1:00 pm on last day. (If possible, return time may have some flexibility, but only if discussed prior to departure with owners.)
  • What do I do if I have a breakdown?
    If a breakdown occurs and repairs are needed, any repair under $100 can be completed without notification. Cost of parts will be reimbursed by Mountain States RV Rentals, with original receipt. If breakdown requires towing, please notify Mountain States RV Rentals immediately at 307-259-9512 (Mike) or 509-264-1818 (Patty), so assistance can be rendered. RV's are covered for towing expenses on the insurance policy, located in each unit. (Note: Owners are not responsible for damages, inconvenience, or time lost caused by accident, breakdown, or malfunction of the RV. That being said, we do our very best to keep each unit in top running condition with regular preventative maintenance.)
  • Do I have to get insurance on my own?
    No. Our insurance company requires us to insure renters on our policy. The cost of rental insurance is $25 per day and is collected at time of pick up along with all fees. Note: if local guests pick up unit the free night prior to their trip, they will be charged an additional day of insurance.
  • Is there a charge for propane?
    Yes. A one-time flat fee of $20 is charged for the Freedom, Dreamer, and Outlander regardless of usage, therefore renter does not need to refill tanks. A one-time flat fee of $30 is charge for the Mountaineer, which has a propane generator.
  • Is there any age limit required for drivers?
    Yes. ALL drivers must be at least 25 years old, with a valid driver's license. We will retain a copy of every driver's license.
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